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[[Digital Media Advertising Solutions]]

Mediative’s digital media solutions help advertisers reach their intended audiences. As a one-stop digital marketing shop, Mediative provides advertisers with a multi-touch point strategy that engages audiences across several digital platforms.

Customized Digital Media Campaigns

Consumers today are engaged with various forms of content all over the web. With multiple stimuli competing for a consumer’s time and attention, marketers realize it’s no longer just about having the most effective advertising collateral or materials – a marketing campaign’s success is also contingent on the medium and method of delivery.

  • The average Canadian spends 43.5 hours a month online (comScore, 2011)
  • 33% of Canadians are active smartphone users (comScore, 2011)


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Why Mediative?

Reaching target audiences demands a solid digital strategy. Mediative’s solutions engage broad, diverse, and targeted audiences across various digital platforms. Our digital experts provide customizable media solutions that seek to boost your campaign’s unique objectives.

Mediative’s digital media solutions can:

  • Lift consumer awareness and engagement with your brand.
  • Generate traffic to your webpages and web-based offerings.
  • Boost the number of people who convert into customers.
  • Provide measurable results such as click through rates, brand lift, and post-view conversions.


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