Deep dive into the elements of Google SERPs

Deep Dive Elements Google SERP

Google’s search results pages (SERP) have greatly evolved over the last decade and, as a result, so have the ways in which searchers have been conditioned to behave.

Mediative recently released a research project titled “The Evolution of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages & Their Effects on User Behaviour” in which we analysed how the different elements of a Google results page impact the way people look and click on those pages.

Check out our series of articles and have a better understanding of how these different elements affect user behaviour and how, as a business, you could take advantage of them.

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Local Listings


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Right Rail – Map and Knowledge Graph

Rebecca Maynes
Rebecca Maynes is Mediative’s Manager, Content Marketing and Research. Her expertise lies in the creation of engaging thought leadership for Mediative. From compiling eBooks and case studies, to conducting research, analyzing data and writing white papers and reports, Rebecca is an integral part of Mediative’s Marketing and Research team. Rebecca began her career with in England, and, after emigrating to Canada in 2005, she has gone full circle, joining Mediative, a Yellow Pages Group Company, in 2009. Prior positions include Marketing for a B2B Software company. Rebecca graduated from Cardiff University in Wales, UK, with a First Class Honours BSc in Business Administration.