Content marketing = More effective B2B lead management

There is a lot of information out there emphasizing process and tools that will help your business convert more visitors to qualified leads. Content marketing seems to be an afterthought. I don’t think it can be said enough how important good content is to your entire digital marketing strategy. Specific to lead management optimization, content is at the core.

It’s doesn’t do much good to go through the process of capturing contact information, setting up a lead management tool, and creating a prospecting process if you don’t have valuable content to support the system.

There are two fundamental elements of content marketing that must be considered if your lead management strategy is going to be successful.

  • Identify with your audience. What subjects and information will interest your audience and keep them engaged? What insight are they looking for to address their business needs? Audit your existing content inventory, conversion sources and engagement metrics, or ask your sales team to help answer these questions and determine your content requirements.
  • Align content marketing to your buying cycle. In complex purchase decision cycles your prospects require information at multiple touch points. They can have several interactions with your business before being ready to talk sales. Mapping your content to each stage in the buying cycle will clarify how to approach the messaging and keep the conversation alive as your prospects move from awareness to purchase.

Quick tips to help you get started:

  • Build a content roadmap that will allow you to plan ahead and align to multiple touch points.
  • Leverage in-house expertise to ensure your content pieces are compelling.
  • Build templates that have the user in mind – easy to read, easy to share and captures the information effectively.
  • Start small, try creating one or two pieces for each stage in your lead management funnel and test them before expanding.

A well-executed content marketing strategy will increase brand recognition and reach, keep your product/solution top of mind, and increase the number of leads that are ready to do business.