Content is King – or is it?

As 2011 comes to a close and organizations look to the 2012 trends we decided to review some of the research and studies we have conducted here at Mediative.

It is clear that the industry has changed drastically in the last few years with Social Media becoming an integral part of Communication plans, and content becoming the driver for much of the success of Marketing campaigns. We at Mediative couldn’t be happier with the transformation. Particularly because we fundamentally believe that research, analysis and studies are essential to understanding the industry trends and driving successful results.

What’s remarkable, and particularly within our team, is the level of dedication we have seen to research and blogging. We often hear in the industry of the intention of much of the subject matter experts to write but the lack of time they have to actually produce content, has always prevented them to do so. We certainly experience that too. However, our business model is built around the ability to think and study and find solutions for our clients and the industry at-large.

Our market research and user experience facility, we call the tivetankTM, is best described as the brain’s imagination where online surveys, buyer behaviour, competitive analysis and eye tracking research are only some of exploratory initiatives we conduct on a regular basis. It is quite cool to spend time in the lab and see how our clients interact with the technology, particularly our eye tracking tools.

Despite an incredible busy first year of business, we researched some innovative trends and industry topics and released more than a few whitepapers in the following categories:

  • Online Experience
  • SEM Tips
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • B2B Behaviour
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Location Based Marketing

We also wrote a total of 167 blogs! An accomplishment that has made our Marketing team very happy! The following 10 topics were the most read posts on our blog:

  1. New Mediative Research: The Value of Optimizing your Google Places Listing
  2. Web forms done right best – Form best practices
  3. Keeping an Eye on Google – Eye Tracking SERPs Through The Years
  4. Network Analysis for SEO
  5. Thank you for buying… Now buy some more
  6. Seven Stepping stones on the path to purchase
  7. 10 SEO considerations for website redesign
  8. Seven Years as a Search Insider
  9. Location Based Services Ecosystem | The Big Picture |
  10. Multilingual SEO: by language or by country

We also saw a real peak in interest from the industry regarding the research we conduct. It has certainly proved the need and hunger for content, but to a greater degree, for results-driven findings. There is still much discussion on the ROI of social media, or whether that exists, and a continued debate on the position content has within the Marketing mix. We come across several CMOs with the intention to partake in the conversation, in developing a voice, a platform for their business, but without the resources to do so. Here is what we know for sure. Content is not going away. It is potentially as the expression goes “King”, however our position has always been that content should come from serious analytics and research. The type of research that is first and foremost applicable to the business, in other words, a blueprint, and roadmap, of what to do with the research. It is fairly easy to take a position on a topic; it is a different case to take a position that is tested and results-driven.

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