Case study: A major retail destination launches a recipes section

Mediative frequently partners with retailers for innovative and strategic marketing tactics. Embracing each new challenge, we help businesses achieve results.

A major retail destination approached Mediative with a desire to create an integrated, digital destination for Canadians looking to research holiday-centric recipes online. Facing a skeptical marketplace that does not turn to this major retail destination as a primary source for baking-related items, the recipe centre was seen as a potential avenue by which to inform and educate end users, while driving the purchase buying funnel in-store.

Several challenges were faced when designing this program, not the least of which was the lack of any grocery ingredients for e-commerce purchasing on this retail destination’s website. Consequently, Mediative was called upon to develop a destination that could drive an offline buying decision – connecting the online ecosystem with in-store purchase.

Working with our internal team at both Mediative and this retail destination, a decision was made to base the entire digital solution around downloadable recipes that could be printed and socially shared online through the Holiday Bake Centre microsite. Vendor co-op media (including large Hero Banners & an eNewsletter blast targeted to just under a quarter million loyal shoppers) were utilized, further supported by traditional IAB-banners across its website and SEM tactics were used to drive external traffic.

The site launched six weeks prior to Christmas. The following site performance statistics were noted over the program’s life span:

  • 45,000 individual Canadians visited the Holiday Bake Centre at least once
  • 20,000 visited at least one additional time over the program’s course.
  • A total of just under 70,000 Canadians visited the Holiday Bake Centre in total
  • The eBlast was the single largest driver of traffic to the Recipe Centre
  • Documented activity was noted, with site users actively downloading recipes and following up in-store to purchase necessary ingredients. Recipes were viewed – on average – for between 5 to 10 minutes by end users (compared to an average time spent on page of 10-30 seconds on the retail site.)
  • Banners featuring recipes (as opposed to straight vendor-branding) performed significantly better

The net result was a noted lift in same store sales among the products/ingredients featured in the program; further, a larger addressable basket was also witnessed by this company. Buyer support was enhanced over the program’s life, as he witnessed first hand customers going in-store with recipes to complete their purchase funnel. Key learnings about what worked best were also incorporated into an Easter campaign which Mediative will be designing / executing in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for news of more Mediative partnerships and marketing strategies.