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One of the best French publisher for Food & Recipe in Canada. 71.7% women, 127k UV in Canada.

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<p>52% M / 48% F<br /> 34.3% are 18-34 YO<br /> 30.8% are 35-54 YO<br /> 45% have children<br /> 51.1% have a HHI of $100K or more<br /> 44.9% of Federated Media visitors reside in Ontario<br /> 12.2% of Federated Media visitors reside in Quebec</p>
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4.6 million unique Canadian visitors each month


FM engages social mavens; audience 40% more likely than average internet users to share: 79% share online regularly, 29% actively maintain 1+ blog, 63% pass along content monthly or more often and


Federated Media publishes high-quality independent websites, combining best-in-class ad solutions with the reach of a world class network.

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