Accelerating your SEO strategy

In a recent webinar, I had the opportunity to share some thoughts about SEO strategy and execution with Cyma Saeed from Allstate Insurance. I wanted to summarize some of our thoughts as a take away from this session.

A more advanced seo strategy is not just about ranking for specific keywords driving directly to your website. It is the center of all digital marketing activity; as your strategy matures, you need to consider all these factors to ensure you remain top of mind with your audience.

Start at the core: the people already trying to find you

In order to cut through the noise of all the things you can do in digital marketing, it is important to ensure you have clarity of focus. We call this starting at the core. Before you try and drive new demand to your digital properties it is important to satisfy the audience that already is looking for you. Optimize the quick wins in order to realize short-term successes. Quick wins can be determined through an audit of your existing organic search traffic and analysis of their engagement with your website.

Align SEO content with your audience’s intent

The key goal with your web property should be to provide the content that matches your audience’s intent. This will naturally facilitate your audiences’ natural buying behavior. A key to this alignment is to develop persona’s to validate the stages of your prospects buying cycle and ensure you have the digital assets that can meet these needs.

Make it easy to share your content

In todays search environment social signals are becoming a large influence in online visibility. But another important factor is the ability for your current audience to syndicate your content amongst their peer network. As you may already know, peer influence is a largely weighted factor in a purchase decision and this type of sharing is the new ‘Word of Mouth’.

Create a roadmap and integrate into workflows

As a marketer, you can become schizophrenic with all of the various channels and tactics available to you. The influence your colleagues and executive team can have in your execution can take you off track quickly. A Digital Roadmap is a critical tool to establish priorities that align to the business strategy. A reference document that everyone can reference will communicate the current digital strategy priorities. For example, if your CMO wants to build out a LinkedIn strategy, when the main website conversion path process hasn’t even been fixed yet. A Roadmap allows you to manage your business, and not let the business manage you.

Leverage tools and templates to create scale

Whether you are an enterprise level company or an SMB, the need to scale your efforts is important. Key tools such as Google Analytics, Raven, Bright Edge and Webmaster Tools can help you track and analyze your performance to improve execution. Allow tools to do the heavy lifting when appropriate.

Evolve metrics with your audiences’ behavior

As search and your customers behavior evolves, it is important to measure the right KPI’s (Key Performance Metrics). Having the right KPI’s in place can glean the right type of insight to truly understand the success of your seo and digital marketing efforts. Keyword rank may not be as valid of a metric as you may think.