50 quick wins for optimal website performance

Spring has sprung and it’s time to clean house! While you’re airing out the stale funk of winter, there’s no better time to revamp and refresh your website, too. When’s the last time you rewrote landing page content? Or spruced up the page design? Have you done any recent testing on user behaviour and usability?

Fortunately, Mediative has carefully comprised a Quick Wins Guide that includes over 50 tips to maximize your website’s ROI. It’s so jam-packed with actionable recommendations that we couldn’t begin to squeeze it all in to one blog post. But we sure can give you a sneak peek!

Conversion path optimization (User experience)

AKA User Experience, Conversion Path Optimization is all about helping visitors find what they’re looking for when they land on your website. Before you can improve your site’s usability, you need to know what visitors are currently experiencing. Usability testing is the best way to uncover the mystery. Inside the Quick Wins Guide, we share the 5 Es of Website Usability. Download the full version to learn more about:

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Expectations
  • Emotions
  • Experience

Quick wins to instantly improve your website

  • Does the content of your site stress the benefits of your products or service, or simply the features?
  • Are the forms on your page asking for more than four pieces of information?
  • Where is your most important information located?
  • Download the full version to read the rest.

SEO considerations when designing your website

  • Content is King: search engine spiders eat it up when crawling, indexing and ranking websites.
  • Page size matters: too little text or too much can negatively affect how the engines see your page’s relevance.
  • Site architecture and sitemaps: combine keyword-rich navigations, folder structures and categorical interlinking.
  • Optimize for blended search results: remember to optimize images, videos, press releases, blogs, etc.
  • Dynamic vs. static URLs? Read the Quick Wins Guide to learn more.

Dos and don’ts of a website redesign

  • DO employ keyword-rich and unique Meta data (title, description and keywords) on every page.
  • DO include 300 – 600 words of keyword-rich content on any page expected to achieve organic rankings.
  • DO theme each web page around a main targeted keyword phrase.
  • DON’T cover several topics on one page. Break each topic out into its own page.
  • DON’T use frames and excessive coding.
  • DON’T use elements such as Flash in place of important text.

Your website is the nucleus of all your online marketing strategies. It’s where people go to find more information about your promotions, advertisements and marketing efforts. Your website needs to do its job by showing up in the SERPs for the keywords you’ve targeted, and it needs to provide a good user experience to convert more prospects into loyal customers.

Download the full version of the ebook now: 50 Quick Wins for Optimal Website Performance.