The 5 big questions of digital marketing – Answered

One of the challenges in launching an effective digital marketing program is knowing where to begin and what to focus on in order to provide the most immediate return. Many marketers at all sizes of companies struggle with these types of questions.

Mediative wants to answer these questions for marketers with the launch of our Digital Marketing Acceleration Program (DMAP).

1. How much traffic can I really get from search?

After 18 years of working in digital marketing, we’ve never seen a more effective lead generation channel than search. But how big is your search opportunity? Really? Forget just looking at the query volumes the keyword discovery tools give you. That won’t give you a true picture. It takes a lot of research and real life experience running campaigns to give you a realistic forecast of your true search opportunity.

2. What is the best return on my digital investment?

This question is actually a whole bunch of questions rolled into one. How much should I invest in improving my website? What is the right balance between SEO and PPC? Should I be investing more in mobile? How aggressive should my PPC bidding strategy be? What keywords promise the highest return? DMAP accounts for all these factors, giving you a powerful tool to model the most effective allocation of budget. It can save you weeks of trial and error testing, not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3. How effective is my digital marketing program?

Are you doing the right things in your digital marketing program? Is your competition? How do you stack up against them? In what areas are you a leader, just average, or lagging the field? The DMAP Digital Effectiveness Index is the most comprehensive digital benchmarking score in the industry. We look at over 450 best practice benchmarks in 17 different areas to give you a comprehensive DEI score, plotting you on the 5 Stage DMAP Digital Marketing Maturity Model.

4. What things should I be focusing on first?

There is no lack of distractions in digital marketing. Every article you read, every conference you attend, every newsletter that hits your inbox has another list of 10 (or 20…or 30) things you should be doing. But what should you be doing first? If everything is important, nothing is important. DMAP’s philosophy is a very practical one: start with the things that make the biggest difference in the bottom line, based on customer behaviors and your industry. Understand that digital marketing is a process that will play out over time. DMAP will help put first things first.

5. What will it take to become a ‘Best in Class’ digital marketer?

So, let’s agree that digital marketing is a process and will take some time. But let’s also agree on the end goal – to be the best in your industry. You’re going into this to distance yourself from the competition. It’s a great goal to set, but you also need a map to get there. DMAP will give you one, broken down into hundreds of practical steps, spaced over 5 phases of ongoing improvement and transformation. It’s digital marketing meets continuous improvement – with very powerful outcomes!

In an exclusive Mediative Webinar during the month of August, featuring 3M, our team will help answer these questions following a process that has been developed while working alongside some of the world’s largest brands.

Finally, get answers to the kinds of questions that every digital marketer has been asked by their executive team many, many, many times. Register to attend the webinar today.