Trends for Marketers to Prepare for in 2018: #10 Live Streaming Video

As the end of the year draws closer, our experts have been contemplating what could be the “next big thing” in digital marketing in 2018, narrowing down their myriad of thoughts to just one or two top predictions that they believe will shape the coming year.

Whether it’s a relatively new trend, or something that’s been around for a while but is really going to take off in 2018, these trends are from the unique perspective of Mediative’s experts, how they see 2018 unfolding, and what digital marketers should be considering when planning next year’s marketing efforts.

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Live Streaming Video

Live streaming started as a niche but has rapidly been adopted by the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat as video continues to dominate social media. It should come as no surprise to anyone in marketing that video streaming accounted for 75% of all internet traffic in 2017(1) and is expected to jump to 82% by 2020 (2).

Live-streaming video is any broadcast in real-time to an audience on the internet. Though it has been around for a long time, the recent rise in popularity can be attributed to improvements in technology, the proliferation of smartphones and the mobile-first platform adoption. If you’re not watching or creating live stream videos, you’re late to the game!

Here are just a few reasons to go live in 2018:

Higher Engagement

According to Facebook, 78% of their users are already watching live stream videos(4) – and they spend 3x more time watching them, and comment more than 10x more during live videos(5).

Brand Transparency and Authenticity

As more and more consumers are demanding transparency and authenticity from advertisers and brands, live video grows in popularity due to its spontaneous and un-editable nature. Live streams are perceived as more authentic and personable than a pre-planned social media post and audiences are responding well. A study by Livestream found live video to be more appealing to brand audiences, with 80% stating they would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% saying they prefer live video from a brand to social posts(6).

Interactive Intimate Connection

The format of live video opens an instantaneous, two-way connection between the viewer and the brand. Viewers are able to interact and connect with the brand by providing instant feedback and sometimes even participating in the direction of the video content or conversation. This strengthens the bond between brand and audience, and humanizes the brand in a way no other medium currently can.

Better ROI

Live video ads have similar features to video ads coupled with building an authentic connection with their targeted audiences. More than 50% of marketing professionals said they have seen the best ROI from live video than any other social media platform(41). When audiences feel more intimately towards a brand, they have the tendency to convert at a higher rate and live video compels them to do just that.

Tips for Marketers

You’re convinced! Great! So whether you want to stream a tutorial, product launches or exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, remember:

  • Prepare to go live at the very latest in the next year so you don’t miss the boat.
  • In your live broadcasts stick to your brand values and provide value to your audience. Live video’s value comes from its authenticity.
  • Provide teasers with when you’ll be live, what you’ll be presenting – think catchy descriptions!
  • When you are live, engage with your audience as they tune in! Say hi when they comment, and respond to their comments live.
  • Facebook recommends that you go live for at least 10 minutes, although you can stay live for up to 90 minutes at a time.


Kitty Yu
Kitty Yu is a digital marketer with a strong background in social media, analytics and digital strategy. She entered the industry with a BCOM in Finance and is living proof that you don’t have to stick to your career plans. With 4 years of experience under her belt, she currently masquerades as the Senior Manager of Enterprise Paid & Programmatic Media at Mediative, or more commonly known as ‘a person who does digital things’. Kitty suffers from a serious and intense passion for life and has trouble sitting down for long periods of time. While jet-setting, slanging drinks, dressing up in costumes and getting lost in the woods, you will find her furiously updating her Snapchat and Instagram accounts to share her crazy adventures with the world.