10 tips for selling search to the C-Suite

On Wednesday, December 8, we presented our latest webinar, 10 tips for selling search to the C-Suite. Our panel included Mike Moran, Chief Strategist at Converseon and author of Do It Wrong Quickly, and Jennifer Lemming, the Director of Marketing for DS Waters.

In case you missed it, you can watch it on-demand or go through the slide deck at your own pace.

Mike’s tips from the webinar include:

Tip 1: CIOs and CMOs don’t always get it
Tip 2: Stick to the value, not the tactics
Tip 3: Be specific about the goals
Tip 4: Be ready to answer hard questions
Tip 5: Never Stop Selling

Jennifer provided some great questions and answers, framing them in a way that a lot of marketers can relate to.

  • Question #1 from Execs: SEM/SEO, what is it? What they really want to know: Will this help me get new customers?
  • Question/Statement #2 from Execs: I searched for “water” and we didn’t show up. What they really want to know: Why am I paying for this if my friends can’t see it?
  • Question #3 from Execs: Why aren’t we doing video/social media/email? What they really want to know: What cool things can I show my friends we’re doing?

You can sum it up as Educate, Show Improvements, Show ROI, Stay the Course, and…Educate. For the whole story, watch the webinar now.