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The Evolution of Google's Search Results Pages & Their Effects on User Behaviour


An Introduction to Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising

An Introduction to Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising

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Mediative is a digital marketing company providing performance services and access to media platforms. Organizations who want to significantly enhance their digital presence and influence buyers turn to us to help generate revenue by quickly moving their target from awareness to purchase.

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Mediative is one of Canada's largest digital media advertising companies, offering extensive display, mobile and other location based marketing solutions.

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Performance Services

Mediative judges performance of a digital marketing strategy on growth of online sales and leads - not just increased traffic.

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I'm an Ad Agency

I would like to extend my clients' audience reach and access to intent related buyers through Mediative's ad network capabilities.

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I'm an Advertiser

I would like to connect with more potential customers interested specifically in my products and/or services.

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I’m a Retailer

I would like to maximize the number of users who are ready to buy and expand product margins.

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I'm a Publisher

I would like to maximize advertising revenue from my website by marketing inventory through customized media campaigns.

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I'm a CMR

I would like to sell advertising programs to my national clients that include location based media solutions of publishers within Mediative and Yellow Page Group.

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I would like to connect with potential businesses that can benefit from my products and/or services.

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Knowledge and Research

Programmatic Buying Demystified

Jan 9th 2015

What exactly is Programmatic Buying, and why is it so important?


How-to Guide: Drive More In-Store Traffic

Dec 12th 2014

Best practices, hints and tips for businesses with brick-and-mortar locations who want to drive more in-store traffic

How-to Guide: Drive More Sales Online

Dec 9th 2014

Best practices, hints and tips for eCommerce websites who want to drive more sales online.


Click-Through Rates 8x Higher Than Industry Average for Luxury Car Brand's Mobil

Nov 14th 2014

Increase visibility towards business professionals for a luxury car manufacturer with hyperlocal mobile ads.

50% Increase in CTRs Over Industry Averages by Aligning Telecom Ads to Audience

Nov 14th 2014

Increasing reach and subscriptions from a promotion with display advertising.

Fortune 500 Car Rental Company Drives Engagement and Revenue from Social Media

Nov 14th 2014

Drivind engagement and revenue from social media for a Fortune 500 car rental company.

Taxi Company Proves That a Solid Digital Presence Can Capture Market Share Again

Oct 17th 2014

Using hyperlocal mobile display to build solid digital presence and capture market share.

178% Increase in Conversions and 51% Reduction in Cost per Conversion with PPC

Oct 1st 2014

Increasing conversions while reducing cost per conversion with PPC for a well-known cleaning service.


HyLoMo Campaign Delivers 1.5M Impressions and CTRs 81% Higher than Industry Benc

Sep 30th 2014

Using hyperlocal mobile campaigns to target a qualified audience and drive traffic in a restaurant.

37% Higher than Average Video Engagement when Targeting Custom Audience

Sep 29th 2014

Generating engagement with video ads by targeting custom audiences using data.

Sep 5th 2014

Increasing display advertising campaign performance and ROI by tracking post-view conversions.


The Evolution of Google's Search Results Pages & Effects on User Behaviour

Sep 2nd 2014

Eye-tracking research studying where searchers look and click the most on Google's results pages. 

71% Reduction in eCPA Over 3 Months for Unique Watch Manufacturer and Retailer

Aug 14th 2014

Increasing conversions from display advertising while reducing the CPA for a unique watch manufacturer and retailer.

Programmatic Data and Real-Time-Bidding Deliver Qualified Conversions

Apr 15th 2014

Using data in a display advertising campaign enabled Mediative to generate a high number of conversions for a well-known automotive company.

Local SEO delivers 263% increase in qualified traffic to store locator page

Apr 2nd 2014

Increase in-store traffic via local search Snack Microsite Increases Customer Visit Duration 450%

Nov 19th 2013

Inspiring Walmart grocery consumers, and increasing brand awareness and affinity of the Mondelez brand within the online retail environment.

Oct 18th 2013

This eBook covers the two core pillars of mobile marketing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX).

Mediative Shopper Marketing

Sep 23rd 2013

Our Retail and Shopper Marketing network allows advertisers to reach consumers who have been pre-screened with the intent to buy.

Mediative Research Lab

Sep 23rd 2013

Our research labs are state-of-the-art market research and user experience testing facilities.


Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising: Industry Performance Benchmarks

Sep 19th 2013

How do consumers use their mobile devices within and around local business locations?


An Introduction to Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising

Sep 19th 2013

What is hyperlocal mobile advertising? Tips and insights into running mobile campaigns that target people when they are most likely to make a purchase.

Using Geo-Targeting Effectively in PPC Advertising

Sep 17th 2013

Honing the paid search strategy for a global insurance company from state-level down to city-level for better targeting.

Spotlight on Local Mobile Consumer Search Behaviour: Part Two

Aug 13th 2013

The second part in Mediative’s research showcasing how people perform local searches on mobile devices. These are the results from street level intercepts.

Using Hyperlocal Mobile Display to Drive More Relevant Traffic

Jul 30th 2013

Find out how Mediative delivered CTRs that were over 3x higher than the industry standard.


Specific Audience Targeting Generates 40% More Qualified Leads

Jul 23rd 2013

One of our telecom advertisers was having challenges driving qualified leads to their site. What they needed was more clicks for a smaller amount of impressions.

Display Drives Leads

Jul 23rd 2013

The challenge facing Mediative was how would we pinpoint people who were in the market for new housing within a relatively small community.

Hyperlocal Mobile Success - Generate Better Audience Targeting

Jun 21st 2013

In order to target the Canadian business community, we decided to target all Canadian smartphone users within business districts, during business hours. 

Establishing a Beachhead for Massive Growth with Paid Search

Jun 21st 2013

Our client was a direct response-driven organization – all advertising expenditures needed to be directly tied to revenue. 

Yellow Pages group Annual Report: Local Consumer Search Insights 2013

Jun 13th 2013

Reporting on desktop and mobile search trends across Canada from Yellow Pages Group - including data on popular search categories across provinces.

Spotlight on Local Mobile Consumer Search Behaviour

Apr 29th 2013

Research showcasing how people perform local searches on mobile devices, what they search for, and how influential social media is in their decisions.

Location-Based Marketing Made Easy: A Marketer's Guide

Mar 26th 2013

Discover the critical role location-based marketing plays in digital strategy. This eBook provides tips for running a successsful location-based marketing campaign.

Facebook Graph Search Eye Tracking Study

Mar 15th 2013

Examining how businesses can increase their presence on Facebook Graph Search by boosting their Likes, Check-ins, and Recommendations.

Landing Page Changes Double PPC Conversion Rates

Mar 4th 2013

A vending equipment company optimized their landing page, which helped double the conversions from their PPC campaign.

The Online Display Advertising Ecosystem

Feb 3rd 2013

Reporting on best practices of online display advertising to better understand its value and to optimize its performance.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Success Kit

Dec 29th 2012

Quick wins to get more traffic to your website and capture more online customers.


Eye Tracking Google Places on the iPhone: How to Win More Mobile Clicks

Dec 28th 2012

Part 2 of our Google Places research focuses on the iPhone mobile app; we identify how users interact and what it means for businesses and local search.

Remarketing Provides a Significant Lift for a Small Investment

Dec 23rd 2012

B2B company in the US increases conversion rate by 74% and reduces cost per conversion by 50% through remarketing strategy.

Long-Term Investment In Paid Search Results In Big Wins For Enterprise Client

Dec 21st 2012

For this enterprise level client, Mediative implemented a paid search campaign that increased their competitiveness and geographic exposure.

Paid Search Campaign Success Achieved Through Strategic Keyword Analysis

Dec 21st 2012

To deliver results for paid search, Mediative performed an extensive keyword expansion to increase conversion goals and zero in on customer intent.

Keyword Expansion Drives Increase in Traffic, Conversions, and Revenue

Dec 21st 2012

Due to the past successes achieved with paid search, Mediative's client increased its budget to improve and maximize traffic and conversions.

Interactive and inspiring online retail content drives increase in traffic

Nov 19th 2012

Walmart partnered with Mediative to generate an interactive experience that would engage, educate and drive sales for Walmart Canada both online and in stores.

Retailer Boosts Click Through Rate with Mobile Campaign

Oct 29th 2012

Realizing the potential of location based marketing, a well-known retailer implemented a hyperlocal marketing strategy to target mobile consumers.

Mobile Commerce: Getting the Sale

Oct 18th 2012

Learn how to develop a mobile e-commerce strategy that will optimize your content for mobile and boost sales. In this 60-minute thought-provoking webinar, we’ll show you how to optimize the mobile shopping experience end to end, and ultimately how to get the sale.

In a Customer State of Mind: Hyper Situational Mobile Targeting

Oct 3rd 2012

The importance of relevancy and solving the consumers' problems when they are in different environments. Plus best practices on developing mobile display ads.

What is digital marketing

Oct 1st 2012

Watch this video to get a clearer picture of where digital marketing stands today.


Tobii Eye Tracking Research on Display Ads

Sep 29th 2012

Using Tobii eye tracking technology we gained insight into display ad effectiveness on a PC vs. an iPad to help marketers get the most from their digital media strategy.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Success Kit for the Holidays

Sep 14th 2012

Over 50 Quick Wins for developing a successful holiday campaign. Plus 3 steps to create your own digital media campaign plan.

5 Things Every Marketer Needs To Know for 2013 Planning

Sep 5th 2012

Answers to 5 key questions every marketer struggles with when launching online marketing programs. Learn how to focus on areas that give immediate return on investment.

Your 4-Month Digital Media Plan for the Holidays

Aug 28th 2012

Boost your holiday sales with a 4-month digital media plan. Learn how to strategize and structure your display ad campaign and deliver at optimized ad spend.

Display Advertising At-Retail: Measuring the Success of In-Store and Online Ad P

Jun 8th 2012

With a collective goal to close out 2011 with significant results, Mediative and a worldwide gaming brand, set out to implement a retail-focused digital media strategy.

Display Advertising Research featuring Walmart

Jun 1st 2012

Using as a test environment, we wanted to measure how display advertising influences buying and brand decisions made by shoppers at point of purchase. 

Writing Content for SEO

Jun 1st 2012

Quick tips on writing SEO-friendly content.

From The Creation To The Evolution Of Location Based Marketing

May 25th 2012

In this eBook we will describe the local marketing landscape in Canada and the potential opportunity for consumer marketers to enhance their digital strategy.

Brand Lift of PPC

Apr 18th 2012

This study determines the effectiveness of PPC advertising in driving brand awareness and the value to manufacturers who advertise with big brand distributors.

Digital Marketing Cheat Sheets

Apr 15th 2012

Over 60 cheats sheets with quick, actionable hints and tips on improving PPC and SEO, website usability, display advertising, mobile marketing, social and more!

Simplifying the Path to Purchase in a Complex Sale

Mar 23rd 2012

This whitepaper attempts to demystify the process that businesses and individuals go through when deciding to make a complex purchase.

User Experience: Website Usability Checklist

Mar 3rd 2012

Download the self-assessment checklist for 30 questions and helpful tips to improve your website user experience and convert more visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO Leads to 50% Increase in Non-Branded Traffic

Mar 1st 2012

Proving the case for SEO was a success factor in the constant growth of traffic to this customer's website. 50% more traffic and 32% YOY revenue growth resulted.

Remarketing Case Study: Today’s Visitor, Tomorrow’s Customer

Mar 1st 2012

Find out how Mediative and its client, a Canadian telecommunications company, reduced the cost per acquisition 7x, and increased conversion rate 16x.

Introduction to Data Advertising with Blue Kai

Feb 28th 2012

Dina Hilal, VP of Prod­uct at Blue Kai, and Media­tive, take you through the process of get­ting started with audi­ence tar­get­ing and data advertising.

Shopper Marketing: Online Behaviour of Women

Feb 8th 2012

This study shows that factors such as culture, age and particularly gender affect online purchasing behaviour: what was once assumed about women is rapidly shifting. 

Mobile Advertising in Canada

Dec 5th 2011

This study provides marketer's with intelligence on mobile as an advertising medium in Canada, it's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles.

Eye Tracking and Click Mapping Google Places

Oct 10th 2011

We looked at the importance of social signals, thumbnail images, and what happens when a listing offers more clickable assets. Make the most out of Google Places.

SEO Keywords Analysis Cheat Sheet

Jul 18th 2011

Quick tips on doing keyword research to create a solid SEO strategy.


SEO for Website Redesign: 356% Increase in Organic Traffic

Jul 9th 2011

Integrating seo strategy with website design planning results in tremendous organic traffic increases to this Mediative client.

User Experience: 74% Increase in Conversion Rate From Simple Website Changes

Jul 9th 2011

By implementing navigational quick wins to the website, this leading healthcare manufacturing company increased purchase intent conversions by 74%.

SEO for Website Redesign: Do's and Don't's

Jul 1st 2011

Cheat sheet of top SEO do's and don't's you must consider when going through a website redesign.


Top 8 Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Jul 1st 2011

Most common SEO mistakes made by marketers and SEO professionals.

Lead Management Optimization Case Study

Oct 26th 2010

Through Mediative's lead management optimization solution, Acquisio generates more qualified prospects and new sales opportunities.

B2B Marketing Research - Building Business Online

Aug 18th 2010

We explore how to build a portfolio of web assets that persuade both buyers and doers, easing the information transition between them.

Online User Behaviour: The Rise of the Digital Native

Aug 17th 2010

We introduce research that suggests very interesting differences in behaviour between digital users under the age of 30 and those over the age of 30.

B2B Marketing Research - The BuyerSphere Project

Aug 14th 2010

Download a complete PDF copy of The BuyerSphere Project: How Business Buys From Business in a Digital Marketplace. Yours for free ($29 value).

Integrated Persuasion Online and Offline

Jul 3rd 2010

This paper covers best practices for online and offline integration. We show how marketing and sales can use the right assets at the right time for effective persuasion.

B2B Marketing Strategy: Mapping the BuyerSphere

Jun 24th 2010

This paper presents a mapping process for B2B marketers to gain the necessary external perspective on their products.

B2B Marketing: Leveraging Your Online Touch Points

Jun 17th 2010

The third paper of the BuyerSphere series explores how companies can support the process of persuasion, building trust and eliminating risk online. 

Online User Behaviour: Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

May 22nd 2010

A review of current research on digital native and digital immigrant online behaviour. Published  with the help of Google,, Marketo, Demandbase & Covario.